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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  January 19, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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overmany discounts to thine customs! [old english accent] safe driver, multi-car, paid in full -- a most fulsome bounty indeed, lord jamie. thou cometh and we thy saveth! what are you doing? we doth offer so many discounts, we have some to spare. oh, you have any of those homeowners discounts?
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here we go. thank you. he took my shield, my lady. these are troubling times in the kingdom. moreiscounts than we knoweth what to do with. now that's progressive. i'm greg gutfeld or as i am known in nashville, taylor swift. filling in is jedediah bila. she has the pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> our top story tonight was manti te'o the victim of a cruel hoax or a schemer hungry for publicity who never thought he would get caught? and who inverchted the -- and who invented the name of lennay-kikkua. and they spent $222,000 renovating a secretary's bathroom. but if there is is a diamond
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thrown. where did they come up with moisturizing jeans? if you are worried about where bill schulz might take this story, you are not alone. >> now go out and turn some butter. let's welcome our guest. i am here with dana-perino. he is should sharp he is banned in condom factories. i thought it was rick. i will go with rick. rick is better. >> in austria he is considered strudel. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. she is so bright that old people walk toward her during surgery. sitting next to me, ann coulter. her latest book is called mugged, 101 different ways to brew teas. congratulations. and you can be sure his writing will never be exciting. our new york times
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correspondent, good to see you, pinch. >> it is the scientology tell all called "going clear" but after a threatening meeting with the church's lawyers they can safely say this so-called book is poppycock. it is as evil as therapists and the obvious work of an sp. all hail the emperor from the planet schmar. >> a-block. the lede. that's the first story. >> was manti living a man-lie? the football star at notre dame claim he was duped into being in a long-distance relationship with a woman he never met. her supposed death from leukemia along with the passing of his grandmother was news as the team went defeated. manti te'o persevere eddie spite his -- despite his
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heartache. >> this must be emotional losing your grandmother and girlfriend. how would you describe your emotions ? >> they are there with me. i couldn't do it without them and couldn't do it without the support of my family and the support of my girlfriend's family. i will miss them, but i know i will see them again one day. >> that you will, my friend. but his on-line girlfriend was faker than a time square louis vuitton. day now knows about that. -- dana knows about that. i believe we have pictures. this is her on vacation and in her dorm in stanford. here she is at her parents' house. on wednesday, manti, love that name, commented on the mess. quote, to realize that i was the victim of what was apparently someone's sick joke and constant lies was and is painful and humiliating. not sure if that is correct, but we will go with it.
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new information trickles in. and as it does we go live. >> get a comb. he is from hawaii. much like president obama. should he be impeached over this ? >> you must have taken his seat in congress. i love how the american media is covered in glory. this is how they covered the entire obama administration. they don't notice this
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girlfriend's facebook status is imaginary. she keeps writing to them "i am a. jeer yen queen." they like the story, so let's go with it. that's how they covered benghazi and everything about our hawaii an president. >> repeat, repost, repeat. >> it is easy. this girlfriend is more real than the video that they blamed in benghazi. see how i wrapped that around? i will be using that form on "the owe riley factor." thank you for being here. we tried to get you here for a longtime, but you kept turning us down. you know how to spin. is it better for his reputation to say i am gullible and stupid or i made this up? >> either answer i think is wrong. it doesn't fit. to me there is not one person at notre dame who doesn't know how to use google pictures. all you have to do is throw this in google pictures and
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this is not the person. no one in south bend could do it. nobody at the washington post or the new york times could use google picture. it is so basic. >> they didn't bother. >> you know what this is this it is like global warming, dana. it is like global warming. if you question global warming you want people to die. global warming is like a metaphor for the dying girlfriend. if you say "have i a dying girlfriend" no one will question you. >> or you are anti-catholic. >> and anti-hawaii an. >> you are a birther. >> you mentioned deadspin. they came out with the story first. that is a media entity. if you look at some of the hiewmg stories that came out, the -- if you look at some of the huge stories that came out, it was broken by the national enquirer.
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remember dan rather and the george w. bush secret records from his air force and national guard service, he was brought down by rob luis who was a blogger at the time. you have the national media saying that is such a great story and i am going to get on air because i will talk about this football player who had a fake girlfriend. they don't care who the -- they don't care the girlfriend was fake. his statement was that oz was the truth and he knew it was a lie, but still talked about it anyway and so did the pr people at notre dame. >> your p oi nt is well taken. the disrespected media such as the daley gut which uncovered that dana's dog is not real is now all over the web. by the way, everybody accepted your dog was real because you made this elaborate calendar which we found out was a conglomeration like obama's girlfriend. >> you mean manti. >> and owe obama from his book.
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>> that was my point. >> a under rough about way of doing it. bill, you are the imaginary boyfriend of kathy griffin. >> proud of it. >> i am so glad we started with a sports story instead of politics. i was excited about that. >> he would make a good politician. >> thank you. >> no, manti, not you. >> i am having a hard time thinking this story is relevant. maybe it is because i just don't follow sports that much, maybe if it wasn't the quarterback. if it was the quarterback maybe we would care. >> exposing the media is a big story. >> if i could just say one other thing that i think is important about this, this guy that committed suicide and his big thing was internet piracy. everything should be free on the internet. we are at like this tipping point where people who create things are going to stop creating them. they are being stolen. maybe if there were journalists who would be paid
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to do stories and do something like google pictures, but now all it is is cutting and pasting. journalism is horrible overall. >> i am comforted by my family and my girlfriend's family. if he never met her, how did he ever meet her family? >> he direct messaged them on twitter. >> you know what you are? >> an imagine nighs. you are against people with imaginations. >> like people who think global warming is real. >> what is to say an imaginary family is any less real than a real family. >> can we get to bill's answer? >> well, i am about to get you interested in this with my theory. >> this guy is apparently friends with the person that catfished to coin a phrase. he catfished him. they know each other. and this guy is morman. not a big fan of the gays. he also plays a macho sport that is not -- he is notoriously homophobic as
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well. >> have you been in the locker room? >> i have tried. >> that's how we met. >> i took bear as a different meaning. >> you put this guy into situations where he might be approached by women or asked about women. well, an imaginary girlfriend is an easy go to to have. this is micah neighed yen girlfriend -- my canadian girlfriend who happens to be a model and you will never meet her. you can follow her at not bill schulz on twitter. >> i thought that's why you couldn't meet me for dinner because ula was in town. >> ula was in town and then took a red eye, no pun intended back before my friends and family could see her. >> if this is a hoax, how elaborate can a hoax get?
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>> that's the definition of a hoax. >> we need to skip. i want to be able to see you. months and months and months of no skip? >> i can't skype. >> i keep hitting the wrong number. >> and it is also what is going on with that. get that away with me. >> the tabi got none of the benefits and the worst parts, texting. >> you accepted texting. >> an eight-hour phone call. >> he claims he went to sleep with her breathing on the phone. >> so how much studying was he doing if he was on the phone for eight hours with her at a time? >> he was playing football.
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>> it is a story you cannot question because you are -- >> how dare you? >> we did the lance arm stropping story and -- the lance armstrong story and how dare you question that? everybody at this table knows somebody with cancer. so don't give me that crap. we knew he was lying. you brought it up and it was like, how dare you? if you do anything that has to do with people or climate change. >> and he had the sensitive male cancer you can't talk about. >> exactly. >> well, i have been told i am the cancer of "red eye" so you can't question this show. >> that you are, my friend. from a fake boo to an expensive lou. did they spend too much on a butt hutch? i made that up, actually. i tell you that will catch on with the young kids.
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according to a new report, the interior department that is responsible for our nation's home decorating spent $220,000 wren gnaw rating a 100 square foot bathroom in the private office of the secretary. to put that in perspective that's 100 squares shaped like feet. founded by cox news -- i thought that was a miss print, but there is a cox news -- cox news revealed that materials like $15,000 of wall panels and $16,000 of wall cabinets and a bathroom frige that cost $3500. i guess who doesn't want to crack open a cold one when you are on the pooper. it was so lavish it prompted an internal audit. it is put in place for insane renovations. it didn't stop the senate from spending $5,000 on a new doggie treadmill. >> let's go, 4.2.
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there she goes. >> we had one of those at the apartment building when we first moved here. >> your elaborate lie and your dog has gotten so far. good lord, woman. >> she has to interject this at all times. we have not seen proof that jasper is alive. while are you already talking, dana, this was done during the bush administration in which you were press secretary. isn't it all your fault and shouldn't you retroactively resign. >> i apologize on behalf of kempthorn. here is the thing i have always aspired to. i want one day to be successful and rich enough and have my own bathroom connected to my office on suite as they say. that would be the ultimate.
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so i don't know if i would put a bathroom frige -- i know why they have that. >> why? >> sometimes if you come back from a country where after you have had an intestinal problem they keep the toilet paper in the frige. >> really? >> have i never done that myself, but i hear that from somebody i travel with a lot that i am close to. >> so the toilet paper -- why bring toilet paper from another country? >> no, you put the toilet paper in the bathroom so when you get home from another country and you drink something you shouldn't have -- >> i want you to get specific. >> oh my god. >> every detail. i am still not following this. >> it is true, right? >> the luxury of the bureaucrat is in toilet paper? >> these are diplomatic secrets. >> i remember how excited i was when i found out how great frozen grapes were. >> i love those. >> is this similar?
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>> diplomats have dis iplorre -- diplorrea. >> that's why you have the story of the paper in the frige. >> this is like the new age stuff. what would cold toilet paper do? >> i think that if some things are feeling bad that this would act as a cold compress. >> oh this is for comfort. >> this is why this show will never move from 3:00 a.m. we are disgusting. >> every time we break news it is unfit for regular prime time viewing. >> this is a diplomatic tip. i am not convinced this is not on the state department website. >> it is a travel advisory. before you leave home, make
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sure you put charmin in the freezer. >> i had no idea this actually happens. >> are you going to try it tonight. >> i don't think that's why we have a refrigerator though at the department of interior. >> it is so you can snack in the bathroom? >> i think it is one of the pluses of having -- >> it is because you can. that's all it is. you feel like if somebody says to you, you have the option of a refrige -- it is like if you didn't have to pay for it and they said you can have a toilet in the kitchen. you are like, that's weird. >> it is free. >> have a toilet in the kitchen. >> with all of the things they get in this, how about a toilet that actually flushes? i bet the 22 brands they spent on this does include one of those crapp j-lo flow toilets -- crappy low flow
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toilets. >> some people at fox here have towel warmers. they have a microwave and put the towels in there. >> that's not a towel warmer. that's a microwave. >> yes, that's a microwave and a towel. >> and by the way, it was weird because i was going, why are they eating their towels folded up? they look like burritos. it made no sense. bill, this bathroom is worth over $200,000. you still have to use an outhouse, and by outhouse i mean a discarded daily news wrapped in a coffee can. it is not even cold. >> i can't even refrigerate it. >> i think this was money well spent. >> you are going to need an industrial strength toilet for that kind of toilet action. >> have i to move on. if you buy my book the indoor plumming is a farce. ever since we brought
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something that was outside inside, we have perverted the whole idea of this. >> indoor plumming was the greatest invention of all mankind. >> why would you live in a house where that's going on? >> i like indoor plumming, but i don't like doors. >> deal with what i am doing, america. >> coming up, is it important to check the labels. dana marine know -- parino why she only wears clothes made by children. and your time has come, or is time a moisturizing gene whose product has cococococo
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i may never get over
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this. they went through the ringer with the use of a finger. two first graders, is there any other kind, were suspended for using their hands as imaginary guns. the dad of one boy who happens to be an army staff sergeant said this was in no way a threatening act. it is indicative of a school system to teachers and the problem. a first grade boy also from maryland was suspended for pretending to aim at another student saying the word pow.
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>> that all happened on andy's lap by the way. >> rick, shouldn't we be encouraging kids to play cops and robbers? it teaches about good and evil. we constantly gather people up and lock them up in a pretend jail. if i only knew about water boarding i would have done that. we would have absolutely been doing that. i don't understand why we have gone in our society to the point where you can't play the games anymore. >> it is great because we are scared of objective truth. everything has to be relative. you can't have a cop and a robber. you have to have some dude and another dude, right, anne? >> yes, i think my brother did water board me. i think he came up with some of their techniques. but the good part of the story was there was an imaginary security guard who pulled out his imaginary gun and stopped the kid before he said pow.
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>> thank god for that. dana, is this a war on fingers? >> it could be. the aural -- the army staff sergeant said these are young boys who we are going to ask when they grow up some of them might join the military or go into law enforcement, and they would have to protect us. it is the femme -- femiization of boys and if it was girls they wouldn't have been suspended. >> it is sexist. we are creating a legion of beta males. >> it is gender discrimination against males. it is starting at early ages. >> the war on fingers, will it continue all the way up to the war on christmas? and will we end up using our fingers to fight the war on christmas? as a veteran of the war on christmas, most of my mall
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battles were fought. get on santa's lap. the problem with this story or the great thing about this story is iten capsule lates all that is america right now. first you have a completely hyper sensitive school with over dramatic punishment and scare the crap out of them. that is the united states in a nutshell. >> and then also you forgot the other thing an action was taken and as soon as there was public pressure they took it back. >> you can apologize. sorry, didn't mean to do that. >> if this is wrong, you need to pull up the clip of the president at the press conference on guns. many times he was doing this. i am not kidding you. you could see he kept doing this. >> now it is going to be cool. >> and also it is -- >> did you see that? >> that is terrible. >> did you know what the finger is? it is a caw lobing we
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y'allism. it is like mentioning my book "the joy of hate" when you compared the person's office as the black hole that was seen as racist. now it appears to be something. >> even if you are six. >> even if you are six, dana. even if you are 6. >> all right, she doesn't have a real dog. do you have a comment on the show? el -- e-mail us. and do you have a video of your real animal doing something, an actual real dog go to fox eye and click on the video and we mate use it. the half time report with jedediah bila. she is better than andy. >> the half time report is sponsored by bird watching. the recreational activity where a person observes birds in their natural surroundings. thanks, bird watching.
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to find out if we have anything wrong, we go to jedediah bila. how are you? >> i am doing well. starting off with -- with an obama impeachment joke, you are a thief. i know you have been stealing my material from the start, and now everyone knows. audience did you see what happens? moving on. dana, you pointed out the
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flaws in the media reporting, and we are talking about this horrible situation with the football player. does the ap and these mainstream media outlets do they have no shame? i can't fathom this. >> i remember when the john edwards rumors were circulating during their pre mary, and it was said -- during their primary and the national enquirer was said to be on to something. i said is there anything up with this? she said we are trying to follow-up, but we president cay find anything. yesterday eight months later it was the national enquirer broke the story. and i don't think the ap was ashamed. >> jedediah, i want to commend you on your first week as an fnc contributor you posed the question, have they no shame? that's well done. >> it is a part of the whole deal. >> do i get a raise for that?
11:34 pm
>> that's not good. >> and you have the best quote of the segment first off. journalism is horrible overall. i have to commend you for that. i couldn't agree more. but have i to ask a legal question. you are a lawyer and you are here. the girls photos they did use to represent this invented girl, does this case have -- does this girl have a case saying you used my photos to present this story and invent this person? did she have a big case here? >> to be honest i didn't read the story. >> the journalism is horrible. >> it sounds like it may be covered fast and furious. >> there is a real girl actually whose photos were used. >> she is not a lawyer. >> i think she -- well she has a book contract and a
11:35 pm
lawsuit. >> of course she would have a civil suit. they incur some kind of damages after being put in the spotlight over this. unless she knew they were using it. that's a different story, jedediah. >> and you know who will never get to the bottom of it? the news media. >> after hearing this you -- i want to say my girlfriend and not bill schulz on twitter, she is no longer on twitter. >> i have to yell at you being you are on camera. you said the worst part of a girlfriend is texting. this is why you don't have a girlfriend saying things like that. girls love to text. >> jedediah, how dare you? there are a lot better reasons than that. i will grant you that that is one. >> i have to give you that point. you are a hundred percent right of that. >> number two would be contagious.
11:36 pm
>> only once every four wax. >> i am -- only once every four weeks. i have a girl friend. >> richard, richard i want to bring you into this because you made a great point about skype. you said months and months of no skype. i don't think any man would go months and months without some visual stimulant in play. i have to give you credit and i think you are on to something. >> it is basic. if you will have an internet relationship you have to quickly take this to skype. >> 100%. step it up. >> are you like the modern anne lande rz. >> that's dear abbie. anne landers died in 2002. >> who died now? i apologize to the family forgetting them confused. >> are you landers? >> it is the landers twins. >> dear abbie and anne lande rz are two people.
11:37 pm
>> did you know about the san francisco twins. >> the identical twins. >> we need to talk about toilet paper. something important is happening. >> big story. >> we need to talk about frozen toilet paper. are you listening to me? >> i am trying to talk about a really important news story here about frozen toilet paper and how it affects the hiney and no one is listening to me. you spent an entire segment talking about frozen toilet paper. i have to say, bill, you know on that point you are talking about how frozen toilet paper is a nice, cold compress. i would disagree. i don't like anything cold on my hiney. i am uncomfortable with that. >> i like hearing you say the word hiney and i ask you to do it again. >> is there a clever name for a frozen toilet paper? >> it is not frozen. it is cold. if it was frozen it would be terrible.
11:38 pm
>> well, maybe not terrible. >> terrible, greg. it would be terrible. and also, bill, by the way, on that point you made about the reasons you president do have a girlfriend, not liking bathroom doors would rank up high on that list. >> this way we can talk more. don't girls like to talk? >> we love it if you can text from the bathroom. >> that's great, dana. >> about to flush, send. >> dana, by the way, good for standing up for yourself on the puppy treadmill. i put emma on a treadmill once. >> this is getting crazy. >> it was just there. he never really went on it. >> you should put him on it. sometimes they like it and have a good time. >> stop it, greg, you are an animal hater and we know that. >> i like animals, but i don't like imaginary animals. you talking about dogs on treadmills it is like what's
11:39 pm
his face talking about his girlfriend. >> i like animals, but not animals with human names. emma and jasper, it has to end. >> you insulted my dog and don't like texting, what is next? what will i hear next? >> i think you should name your dog frozen toilet paper. >> i need to get to these elementary kid students. >> frozen glogenpoo. >> now i know why. andy levy if you are watching, i feel your pain. trying to talk over this man is just impossible. he acts like it is his show. >> elementary schoolkids, this is insane. i do have to say that cat video in the beginning was amazing. i just have to throw that in. but richard you had the best comment and why is that? you brought the blame right back to barack obama with that hand gesture. i am your biggest fan.
11:40 pm
you are right. he owns responsibility. this is another reason he should be impeached. let me add that inment. >> or at least suspended. if the other kids are being suspended we have to suspend him. >> exactly. i really, really like you, richard, by the way. i think you add to the show. >> you are barking up the wrong tree, jedediah. >> there is a reason you don't have a boyfriend. >> two can play this game. >> jedediah, can you tell me who is your favorite musical performer? >> don't get started, greg. >> sara mclaughlin. he is making some side of ridiculous point. >> as usual. >> what's your favorite? >> barry manilow. >> i love barry manilow. >> i think we found shopping buddies.
11:41 pm
>> i love it. i'm done, guys. back to you. have a great time. >> see you at the back end. don't do anything stupid. coming up, how will the irs' announcement that interest rates will remain the same for the first quarter of 2013 affect mutual fund investors. that's just one story we are not doing. and instead our subway foot long is not a foot long. it is a story so important we are probably not doing it tonight.
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will the status quo lead to more woe, and they were headed to williamsburg for a pow wow. according to one strategist the annual retreat is a chance to reestablish the brand. it is a cool coffee mug. says kevin madden, some try to push the party toward
11:45 pm
moderating. but i think it is a case of moderating. that makes sense. >> you missed a word in the tele prompter. >> i don't think it is a case of moderating. it did make sense and now lessons. it is a case of modernizing the policies we support. this is the problem. i am quoting somebody who can't even give a good quote. meanwhile, that's not my fault. they need america's bad boy. a top democratic polster viewed him extreme and out of touch on everything from taxes and rights. here is tape from last year's retreat. >> that's how we regained congress, i believe.
11:46 pm
and that's how we will do it again. dana you said to win back young voters we should take up snowboarding. >> that would be cool. the problem is because of the republicans there is global warming which means there was no snow and therefore no snowboarding. >> is this a big deal? >> it is something they do. they put it on their calendar, and at the end of this year -- at the end of this weekend they will look at the calendar and say next year's house republican retreat will be on this date. and for a year they have to figure out a way they could try to get out of it because nobody likes to go to these retreats. >> is that a male voice impersonation? >> yes, but not as usual. that's the male voice. >> when women i'm person nate a man they say -- >> yes, but when you imitate a woman you go -- >> because that's how women sound to me. i just hear --
11:47 pm
>> there is a reason charlie brown's teacher is a woman. >> rick, are retreats generally pointless or .ful? >> in this case the republicans have been in retreat since november. >> we have to remember that these guys, they are going away. >> and gals. >> they are going away, and i don't think we have to moderate, and i don't think we have to come up with a new way to say things. i think we need ideas, new ideas. >> when people say we need new ideas, that's scary too. generally you should be natural about the idea generation. >> i think there are fewer nuts. that's my main proposal. every organization has these people. >> not necessarily. >> in the entertainment world they are known as go rave pho
11:48 pm
lows. they are in it for themselves and to heck with the show. they are in it for themselves. we are talking about members of congress and not people talking on a 3:00 a.m. show on fox news. they should not be talking about impeaching obama. it is silly. it is ridiculous. although i will say on the other hand every time one party does well in an election i don't think we do it much, but the democrats do it. suddenly they are writing our obituary. you have to change everything. >> very good point. >> when the liberals lost they never did the article, oh you are out of touch. and don't forget they have more governors. >> so it is not like they are in trouble. but, bill, our viewers are dyeing to hear your thoughts on the republican party and you actually dying.
11:49 pm
>> what is it, viewers? do you want to hear me or kill me? this is a retreat, two words, trust will fas, -- trust falls, trust tall falls. unless you invite chris christie. >> and maybe the people -- >> i have done so many retreats when i was in publishing, and it always ended up something bad happening. we did the dress as a sumo wrestler thing. and i remember doing that in a park with somebody -- i was at men's health. it was somebody from by sick ling -- bicycling magazine. then all of a sudden somebody is dead and you are burying the body in the park. it is all over the park because you don't want people to know you cut the body up in eight pieces. >> this retreat is like couple's counseling. they need to go. they have had a rough time.
11:50 pm
they got through the fiscal cliff together. they have gone through the infidelity of people voting for higher taxes, and now they will have to resolve if they will stay together. >> we are together for a couple years so we have to deal with it. >> and i don't think we need new ideas as much as we need sensitivity in how we say some things. the ideas are solid. >> it is time for america's bad boy. that's what i am saying. it is time for a break. don't leave. there is more stuff to talk about.
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wranglers have the first pair of moisturizing jeans. using the products to protect your legs says lizy jagr, who cares? my legs are great. they are more silky than usual. this is a huge story. i already ordered five pairs. how pumped are you that we found a we to fight the dehydrating affect of deem anymore? denim. >> in palm springs where i live, this will go over well. who does president have dry legs? who doesn't have dry legs ? >> and who doesn't have a nice rear end in wranglers in palm springs? >> they did not invent these.
11:55 pm
amber crop -- aber crop be and fitch has been giving magazines for years. >> you are a sick man. >> jm still thinking about -- i am still thinking about that store. >> go to an abercrombie and fitch store and prepare to see abs. >> i am insulted when bill said he was moisturizing his jeans. i must have taken offense, and i just didn't under. >> and i took the opportunity to moisturize yours as well. you are welcome. you are welcome. >> we have the most sophisticated panel. it is the most sophisticated panel on fox news, and we cannot avoid making body fluid jokes. dana, we could not, not do this story. would you buy a pair for jasper your imaginary dog that no one has seen? >> let me tell you something i grew up in new castle,
11:56 pm
wyoming. everybody wears wranglers. people in new york city may make fun of wrangler jeans, but that's the jean of choice for cowboys and cow girls across america. it is a very efficient thing. you can -- you don't even need hand lotion. you can put your hand in your pocket and your hand will be moisturized jie. i will cut an hour of -- >> i will cut an hour of moisturizing time by -- anne, can we make -- women are totally being screwed over. cell you -- cellulite is nothing but fat. why do women buy the idea you can prevent cellulite. >> bit ann coulter has no cellulite. >> but women know cellulite is a scam. >> i think the scam is all dual products always sucks. the couch, the bed, what is it? is it a bedroom or an office?
11:57 pm
>> except the moisturizing jeans is brilliant. >> it is such a good idea. >> you don't live in the desert. you don't live in the desert. >> is it a long flight? >> what the hell are you talking about? you want to sit on a plane for eight hours in lotion? >> a little bit. a little bit of lotion. >> that's how you get kicked off a plane. >> i think this is a great idea, and i would buy a pair. >> what is happening to america? >> the chinese are so scared of us. >> they are creating dreams with moisturizer. >> peanut butter and chocolate. >> it is not a dual product. >> yes it is a dual product. what's the thing they put together 1234. >> reece's peanut butter cups. it is a uct pr, it is not separate. >> it is not two functions. it is a taste sensation. >> it is peanut butter and
11:58 pm
chocolate. >> it is like bob dylan and jerry garcia. >> there is no time for jedediah? we got wrapped up in the jeans.
11:59 pm